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The foundation of a great smile is a commitment to general dental care. Your six-month visits keep your teeth clean and healthy and help prevent problems down the road by letting us spot them early. We can address your unique concerns and develop a relationship that ensures continuity of care.

Click on the headings below to learn more about some of the specific ways we work with you to maintain your oral health.

Why Hygiene Visits Are So Important

General Dentistry Somerset NJOne of the biggest reasons to visit your dentist is to have your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist. Plaque and tartar develop on teeth over time. Plaque is soft and sticky, but routine brushing can remove most of it. However, plaque hardens into tartar, which is beyond the ability of a toothbrush and floss. Tartar builds up below the gumline as well as on the tooth surface. If plaque isn’t removed, you risk more serious problems with your teeth and gums in the future. Recent research demonstrates a definite link between untreated gum disease and serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Having a regular teeth cleaning is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy!

The Clear Alternative for a Straighter Smile

Invisalign Dentist Somerset NJWe are very happy to introduce Invisalign™ clear aligners, an innovative solution that can give you straight teeth in as little as 9 - 15 months! These aligners can correct overcrowding, wide spacing, underbite, overbite, or crossbite. Advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology is used to prepare your entire treatment plan. We start with the current positioning of your teeth and progress to your final smile. The clear thermoplastic aligners are similar to teeth-whitening trays, custom fit to your teeth. Each set of aligners uses gentle force to move your teeth into position. Approximately every two weeks, you replace them with the next set of aligners. You only need to come into the office for evaluation every four to eight weeks. Total treatment time is based on your personal needs and goals.

No one will know you’re straightening your teeth because the clarity of the aligners renders them almost invisible! This gives you much more confidence in your smile while you are in active treatment. Comfort is another benefit. The aligners are all in one piece, with no metal brackets or wires to be checked and adjusted. The lack of braces, wires, or headgear eliminates any temporary mouth irritation. The aligners are easily removable for eating and brushing. You can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, with no food restrictions. And keeping your teeth clean and free of plaque is just as easy as it was before treatment, because there are no braces to get in the way of brushing and flossing.

Saving Teeth through Root Canal Therapy

Teeth with damaged or infected roots used to require extraction, which can create a lot of problems and should be avoided if possible. The good news is that we are highly experienced with advanced root canal therapy.

A root canal is a technique to repair a tooth by removing the pulp chamber and replacing it with a filling material. This may be necessary when dental decay reaches the nerve of the tooth (or the tooth is infected), when a simple filling isn’t a good option.

Not too long ago, the situation mentioned above would have required an extraction. When dentists began performing dental root canal procedure, they were quite dreaded, and the root canal received a reputation as something to avoid. However, using modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are a manageable procedure.

Senior Dental Care is Unique

Just as our bodies evolve as we get older, so do our teeth and gums. Years of plaque buildup, as well as the consumption of coffee or tea, can darken your smile. Ask us about procedures that can combat these issues. Reduced flow of saliva may be a side effect from medications. There are simple products that can manage this condition. Your fillings are getting older and may weaken or crack. Regular check-ups will allow us to maintain your existing fillings. Gum disease and root decay can be major problems with older adults. Daily cleaning and proper nutrition are important for healthy gums. If your gums are red or bleeding, or your teeth start to loosen, contact us immediately.

Metal-Free White Fillings

White Dental Fillings Somerset NJThe silver-mercury amalgam has been the standard filling material used in dental practices for years, and many dentists still use it. While they are acceptable from a functional perspective, amalgams have certain shortcomings. Metal does not bond securely to teeth, so decay will eventually leak into the tooth. Probably the biggest reason many of our patients are choosing white bonded fillings is the way they look. Many people don’t want an ugly black plug in their teeth. Our white dental fillings dentist offers modern restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metal, and can actually strengthen teeth. They also bond tightly with the healthy tooth structure so there is much less chance of future decay.

Are You Struggling to Stay Awake During the Day?

If you or someone you know are falling asleep during the day, or snoring or having interrupted breathing while sleeping, it might be sleep apnea. The standard treatment for sleep apnea has been the CPAP device. The patient wears a machine that pumps a steady stream of air into their nose or mouth throughout the night. However, many people find this uncomfortable and they discontinue their CPAP.

If you have sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are unhappy with your CPAP, modern dentistry offers treatment options such as oral appliances. These convenient appliances are small acrylic devices that fit into the mouth similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouthguard. They gently realign your tongue and jaw to open up the airway and allow more air flow to the lungs during sleep. They are easy to wear, easy to clean, and convenient for traveling. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients who use them and can be an excellent alternative to bulky CPAP machines. If you snore or a physician has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, please call us to learn more today.

Tired of Slipping Dentures?

Dentures Dentist Somerset NJFor patients who need or prefer traditional dentures, our dentures dentist can design and fit beautiful dentures that won’t slip! This breakthrough involves custom fitting the denture plate so well, you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or that your dentures might shift or slip. If you wear dentures, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much more enjoyable.

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